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Amblin to infuriate Keanu bros with a “female John Wick

John Wick: Chapter 2 (Photo: Lionsgate)

Lady Ghostbusters. Lady casino heisters. Lady roadhouse bouncers. Somewhere out there, seated in front of a webcam, an indignant man’s man in a vintage arcade-game T-shirt is asking what’s next, some kind of unstoppable lady hitman? Much to the horror of this hypothetical strawbro, that’s exactly what’s next. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment has acquired a screenplay for a project that was sold as a distaff John Wick, presumably because the male version just shot, swaggered, and gold-coin bargained its way past box-office expectations last weekend. Ruthless, as the film will be called, supposedly concerns a retired hit(wo)man who suits up for that fabled one last job. After all, she’s got a (presumably) cute daughter in a need of a nest egg after mom croaks from the terminal cancer that will prove less terminal if the movie’s a hit.

No word yet on who will star as Jane Wick or Agent Ruth Less or whoever, but the film will be directed by blockbuster auteur Brad Peyton, of San Andreas and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore fame—because if there’s any lesson to be taken from the John Wick series, it’s that it doesn’t matter one bit who’s behind the camera of these things, right? Factor in a script by the guy who wrote the found-footage tornado movie Into The Storm and even movie buffs who haven’t swallowed a handful of red pills may want to stay away. Then again, casting could be crucial. Might we suggest Ruby Rose, who was pretty badass as one of the many people trying to blow Keanu’s head off in Chapter 2? Or is Zoe Bell available? She knows how to handle a pistol, and would look cool behind the wheel (or on the hood) of a ’69 Mustang coupe.


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