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According to Entertainment Weekly, former Joan Of Arcadia and General Hospital star Amber Tamblyn will join the cast of House next season for a multi-episode arc, one meant to fill the void left by Olivia Wilde’s departure to shoot Cowboys And Aliens and provide a new pair of raised eyebrows in opposition to House’s eccentric medical practices. Tamblyn will reportedly play an overachieving med student so intelligent that House plucks her out of class to do rounds with him and his diagnostics team, even though she’s not fully licensed yet. (One can imagine how an ambitious medical student would feign ethical responsibility, while also scrambling for such an opportunity.) Unlike E.R.'s practice of adding more and more names to its opening credits whenever the writers couldn't think of what to do with the cast they already had, Tamblyn won't be sticking around as a permanent resident of Princeton Plainsboro, which raises the question of what new trouble she'll be getting House into next season.


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