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Amber Rose is getting her own talk show

(Photo: Getty Images)

Actress, model, and author Amber Rose will soon be adding “talk show host” to her list of entertainment industry titles, with Deadline reporting that VH1 has offered Rose her own weekly chat program. The author of How To Be A Bad Bitch (and the model for its frankly amazing cover art), Rose will discuss “pop culture, motherhood, relationships, friendships, race, entrepreneurship,” and, presumably, a few brief digressions on Kanye West’s booty.

For those interested in a sample of Rose’s perspective on the universe, you might want to cruise over to an episode of Guys We Fucked that we covered in Podmass a few months ago, where the actress talked openly, and frankly, about her attitudes toward sex and life. Or you could just wait until this summer, when her new talk show is expected to debut on VH1, formally bringing the art of professional bad bitchery to the network.


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