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Lake Bell’s pulling triple duty (again) for What’s The Point? (And Other Fair Questions About Marriage), a comedy that wonders if marriage isn’t one of the good things that must come to an end. Bell’s writing and directing the film, as well as co-starring with Ed Helms, who might play the lucky guy who gets to be married to Bell for the seven-year stretch stipulated in their love contracts. They’ll of course have the option to renew, assuming they haven’t been signed elsewhere.

Joining Bell and Helms in their free-love agency are Amber Heard and Mary Steenburgen, who Variety reports have just joined the production along with Dolly Wells and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford. Heard and Steenburgen’s roles are not currently known, but they’ll probably come down with the seven-year itch at some point and have to go to court to get away from Crawford, Helms, or each other. Wells, who’s recently appeared opposite big onscreen personalities on Blunt Talk and Doll & Em, will play a “pretentious documentarian” who follows three couples through various stages of negotiation, wedding planning, and divorce-attorney shopping, which suggests some kind of precursor to Modern Family.