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Photo: Maree Williams (Getty Images for AFI)

According to Variety, we have our first little bit of casting news about Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings show, which has Game Of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman on board as a consultant and will be set in Middle Earth’s pre-Aragorn “Second Age.” Now we also know that it will feature Australian actor Markella Kavenagh as someone named Tyra, and while Variety doesn’t have any other information about who Tyra may be in regards to the larger Lord Of The Rings mythology, a cursory Google search reveals that there was an episode of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model in 2010 that was filmed in New Zealand and involved a Lord Of The Rings challenge. That’s probably not super relevant here, but maybe Amazon’s show will be an adaptation of this particular Top Model episode? We have no idea.

Anyway, Kavenagh starred in the Romper Stomper TV show and appeared on Picnic At Hanging Rock and The Cry.


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