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Amazon will release all of the Mad Dogs in January

Just mad dogs being Mad Dogs (Photo: Amazon)

Back in February, Amazon Studios picked up an adaptation of a U.K. series about four men-of-a-certain-age friends who get caught up in a murder mystery while on vacation in Belize. Called Mad Dogs, which happens to be the second canine-centric TV title from co-creator Shawn Ryan, the show is now set to launch all 10 episodes on January 22, Variety reports.

As is the way of shows about aging dudes, the quartet portrayed by Steve Zahn, Romany Malco, Michael Imperioli, and Ben Chaplin are a mixture of single, married, and recently divorced longtime friends who figure the best way to overcome the crushing disappointment of middle age is to do something drastic. In this case, it’s a vacation to visit their wildly successful friend, a role filled by Billy Zane. As the show develops beyond its pilot, presumably the friends will all complain about the various ways they feel trapped—in marriages, in average bodies, and in lives that aren’t led by Billy Zane. Who can blame them? It’s been well established that Billy Zane is the cool dude of all cool dudes.


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