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Amazon wants more Jack Ryan, three months before the show even premieres

Photo: Vera Anderson (Getty Images)

Now that it’s got Blockbuster Horror Director Jon Krasinski on the hook for its upcoming Jack Ryan TV show—and not just boring old regular The Office star John Krasinski, like it used to—Amazon’s making damn sure not to let him get away. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service announced today that it’s already renewing the Tom Clancy-based spy show for a second season, even though the first has yet to air.

The series stars Krasinski as Clancy’s generically named intelligence analyst, who’ll be busy keeping America safe from terrorists while also trying to keep some semblance of a regular social life. Krasinski will presumably be doing a similar balancing act of his own; hot off the success of this spring’s A Quiet Place, he’s already started lining up new film projects, including the space-based Life On Mars. Meanwhile, Jack Ryan debuts on August 31.


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