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Amazon U.K. orders period fashion drama from Ugly Betty showrunner

Ugly Betty

Variety reports that Amazon U.K. has ordered an eight-part drama series from Ugly Betty showrunner Oliver Goldstick about French fashion after World War II. The Collection, which has been commissioned by Amazon and BBC Worldwide via its producer Lookout Point, will focus on the work of a Paris fashion house after the
“dark days of the Occupation.” It’s unclear if by “dark days,” the synopsis means the Nazi’s ruthless treatment of Jews hiding in France or the proliferation of frumpy trench coats, but maybe the point is that we no longer have to choose between crimes against humanity and crimes against fashion.

Goldstick—whose credits also include Lipstick Jungle and Pretty Little Liars—will write and executive produce the series. The creative team also boasts director Dearbhla Walsh (Penny Dreadful) and costume designers Chattoune & Fab (Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky). The Collection starts production in January, so hopefully you can reignite the debate on Nazi aesthetics some time next year.


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