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Amazon’s I Love Dick will premiere in May

I Love Dick (Photo: Amazon)

Jill Soloway’s new Amazon series, which has a title that’s inspired more than a few giggles as we work on the headline, now has a premiere date. According to a press release, I Love Dick is coming in May. That is, I Love Dick is scheduled for release on May 12. We mean, I Love Dick will rear its head… you know what? Let’s move on.

The titular Dick will be played by Kevin Bacon, and the series is much more innocent/high-brow than it sounds. Based on Chris Kraus’ novel, I Love Dick centers on a married couple who have grown a little distant. Kathryn Hahn plays Chris, a “frustrated filmmaker” who’s bored by her academic husband’s (Griffin Dunne) life among the “the dusty silence, art snobs, and tumbleweeds.” Meeting the “enigmatic, macho” Dick leads to a “dramatic awakening” for Chris (we bet).

Ahead of its streaming debut, I Love Dick will premiere at Sundance on January 23.


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