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Amazon renews Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi

Screenshot: One Mississippi/Amazon Prime

Tig Notaro recently laid bare her grief in One Mississippi, playing a version of herself that, while slightly fictionalized, nonetheless still loses her mother. It wasn’t the first time Notaro had gone to this particular well, but it was still a poignantly funny series. And Notaro will keep mining that tragedy for dramedy, as Amazon Studios just announced that One Mississippi will be back for season two. In sharing the news, Amazon Studios’ head of comedy and Drama, Joe Lewis, commended the show’s nuanced take on its difficult subject matter.

“Making a show as comic and tragic as One Mississippi is a risk. Pulling it off with such intelligence and nuance is rare. We’re grateful for the audience response and we’re excited to bring them more of Tig and Kate’s brilliance in season two.”


One Mississippi comes from Notaro, who executive produces with Diablo Cody and Louis CK. The series made a good impression in its first season, though it had some trouble balancing its frequent trips to the past with expanding its characters in the present, resulting in some actors getting the short shrift (cough, Casey Wilson, cough). Here’s hoping that the show’s able to keep those surreal segues while also giving us more grounded moments in the present.

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