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Amazon renews The Man In The High Castle for season 4

Photo: Liane Hentscher (Amazon Prime Video)

For whatever reason, stories about the United States being taken over by tyrannical regimes are still just as hot as ever, and Amazon is going to continue riding the trend by picking up its Philip K. Dick adaptation The Man In The High Castle for a fourth season. This announcement comes months before the show’s third season is set to premiere, which is happening on October 5, which is a pretty nice vote of confidence from Amazon. The show is supposedly one of the most popular shows on Prime, though we can’t really know for sure since Amazon doesn’t release specific numbers, but it must at least be a little popular to justify this early renewal.

The fourth season is over a year away, so while we wait for that, Amazon has released a teaser for the third season that shows more baffled talk about the existence of alternate realities. Assuming the good guys here eventually make it out of this Nazi world, let’s hope they end up somewhere a little nicer than our reality.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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