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Amazon quashes the Good Girls Revolt

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The Good Girls Revolt has ended at Amazon. According to Deadline, the streaming service canceled their period drama about women fighting for their rights at a fictional news magazine in the late ’60s. Now, the show is apparently trying to find a home on another platform. The drama from Dana Calvo was based on real events that happened at Newsweek, and starred Erin Maya Darke and Genevieve Angelson as researchers who set out to sue their company for discrimination. When the first season dropped in October, it received mixed reviews from critics. Still, Deadline reports that it was something of a hit for Amazon, especially with a female audience.


So why not invest in a second season? Well, Deadline speculates it may have something to do with all the money Amazon is throwing at flashy projects from David O. Russell and Matt Weiner. Because if you have the actual creator of Mad Men, why keep your Mad Men wannabe around?

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