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Amazon picks up pilots from David E. Kelley and Shane Black

With upfronts dumping out a ton of news about regular TV this week, Amazon has decided that it doesn’t want to be left out. It has also picked up some new shows, and it wants to tell you about them just as much as ABC does. Maybe even more than ABC does!

This all comes from Deadline, which offers the disclaimer that Amazon hasn’t made any of this official yet, but it all seems pretty solid anyway. Amazon has reportedly picked up four new pilots, two of which have pretty high-profile creators attached. The first is Trial, a legal drama (duh) from legal drama master David E. Kelley. There’s also Edge, a Western from Iron Man 3’s Shane Black that’s based on a series of famously violent books of the same name.


On the slightly less-famous side are The Patriot and The Good Girls Revolt. The former was created by The Pursuit Of Happyness writer Steve Conrad and is “a comedic thriller/family dramedy” about a man who works at the state department and his two sons (one is a senator and the other is an Iraq war veteran). The Good Girls Revolt is “a 1970s drama in the vein of Mad Men that is set at Newsweek,” and it’s written by Greek and Covert Affairs producer Dana Calvo.

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