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Amazon orders Alpha House, Betas, Tumbleaf, other shows that aren’t Onion News Empire (yet)

Illustration for article titled Amazon orders iAlpha House/i, iBetas/i, iTumbleaf/i, other shows that aren’t iOnion News Empire /i(yet)

Inspired by your browsing (and viewing and voting) history, Amazon Studios recommends the following as its first original series: The Garry Trudeau-created Alpha House, the Silicon Valley-set Betas, call-and-response kiddie show Creative Galaxy, science-centric Annebots, and Todd VanDerWerff’s future pick for the best new show of 2013, Tumbleaf. The studio’s official pickup announcement follows some upfronts-week digging by Deadline, which at the time was circulating positive whispers about Zombieland—until those rumors were smothered with a shower curtain and “double tapped” with a toilet lid. This leaves The A.V. Club to assume that the Deadline sources who had a similarly sunny outlook for our sister publication’s Onion News Empire were at least 50 percent correct in their speculating, but Amazon is simply taking its sweet time negotiating the standard rich-and-famous, 100-episodes-and-a-movie contract with star Jeffrey Tambor. (We noticed you’ve read the words “Jeffrey Tambor”: Would you be interested in extensive coverage of Arrested Development?)


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