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Over the summer, David O. Russell announced that he’d be wading into TV waters with his own drama, thereby drawing interest from traditional media and streaming platforms alike. His untitled project stars Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore, and even though few details were available when we first reported on it, the highly competitive situation seems only natural. Russell’s writing and directing every episode, and while De Niro and Moore’s episodic commitment to the series hasn’t been fully established, it’s fairly oozing with prestige. But according to Deadline, Amazon has emerged victorious in this bidding war, giving a two-season order to the show.

With the Weinstein Company producing, Amazon edged out FX to be the home of Russell’s new project, which is reportedly a “mafia crime series” that could also be serialized. The two 8-episode seasons were secured in a $160 million deal, with Variety reporting that De Niro could bring in as much as $850,000 for every episode in which he does appear. (Moore’s salary isn’t mentioned, presumably because the wage-gap calculator was on someone else’s desk at the time of the posting.) There’s currently no word on when production will start.


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