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Amazon isn't sure how Transparent will end yet

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We reported back in May that Amazon’s hit dramedy Transparent would be ending after a fifth season, with the decision to end the show most likely having a lot to do with the sexual harassment allegations that have been raised against star Jeffrey Tambor—who has since left the show, either because he chose to or because Amazon fired him. This week, Deadline sat down with new Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke to talk about the future of the company, and it sounds like nothing has been set in stone yet about what the end of Transparent might look like.


Salke says she “spent hours” talking with Transparent creator Jill Soloway right after she took the job, covering what Soloway was thinking about for the show’s fifth season and “where everybody was creatively.” Since then, Salke says Soloway has stepped away to really think about what “that final season will be,” and they’ll be meeting in September to talk about the plan again. Salke thinks there will be “some version of a season five,” but “what form it takes is also undecided.” It sounds like Amazon is willing to do whatever Soloway wants, whether that means just doing a handful of episodes to wrap up the story, a movie, or a full season, but Tambor is definitely out no matter what happens.

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