For a Hugo Award-winning novel, Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle has had a surprisingly hard time being adapted into a TV series. Well, “surprisingly” might not be the right word, since the book is about an alternate reality in which the Nazis and Japan won World War II and then took over the United States. That’s not exactly a crowd-pleasing premise.

Nonetheless, noted Philip K. Dick fan Ridley Scott—his movie Blade Runner was based on a Dick novel—has been trying to turn The Man In The High Castle into a TV show for years now. Back in 2010, the BBC hired Scott to turn the book into a four-hour miniseries, but the project only ever came to fruition in realities different than our own. Scott took the project to SyFy last year, but again, nothing ever came of it. Now, as reported by Deadline, Amazon has ordered a pilot for a drama series based on The Man In The High Castle from Scott’s Scott Free production company, with former X-Files writer Frank Spotnitz handling the script. Assuming the project doesn’t get canned again, this means we might finally get a chance to experience the fun and excitement of a Nazi-controlled United States.