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Amazon is launching a music streaming service for its Prime subscribers this summer. There’s a catch, of course: All the songs on the service will be at least six months old. According to BuzzFeed, the Prime music service won’t offer every song ever recorded, instead choosing to just offer a selection of songs and albums that Amazon has licensed from major labels. That’ll make it stand out from Spotify, Beats, and Rdio, all of whom basically exist to offer subscribers the whole world of music at the click of a mouse. The service will work on multiple devices and will allow users to play songs as many times as they’d like. Music Prime (which we just made up) will also allow listeners to search for songs, though since the streams are curated and from a limited number of labels, should streams of the tracks not be available, interested parties could just get shuffled off to Amazon’s MP3 store. Synergy!


Amazon already has 20 million Prime subscribers, all of whom joined before the music streaming service was even offered.

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