Starting later this month, authors will be able to start selling their Kurt Vonnegut-related fan fiction via Amazon’s Kindle Worlds format, so get that erotic mustache-tickling short story ready. The move comes as Amazon has announced a licensing partnership with RosettaBooks, the company that owns the likeness rights to most of Vonnegut’s work. Amazon already has a fan fiction agreement with the company that licenses Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and Vampire Diaries, as well as comic book publisher Valiant entertainment.

While Amazon doesn’t really allow mature or sexual fan fiction to be distributed via its Kindle Worlds platform, the company says it’s already published 120 stories based on the characters and worlds found in its previously licensed properties. Philip Patrick, director of business development for Kindle Worlds, says that Amazon is thrilled “to include the work of an American literary icon” like Vonnegut in its system, and that “Vonnegut fans everywhere” now have a “golden opportunity” to mess with a long-beloved and now-deceased writer’s thoughtful prose.