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Amazon introduces button that sends you mystery candy

Amazon has been selling these nifty Wi-Fi-connected Dash buttons which, with one press, re-order common household items like laundry detergent, toothpaste, and garbage bags before they run out. There are even buttons for foods such as chicken broth and Slim Jims (we’d like to meet the person who needs one-button convenience to replenish their meat stick supplies). Now they’ve taken this concept to be more luck of the draw.

Pressing the Prime Surprise Sweets Dash button will automatically deduct $18 from your account, and in exchange, Amazon will send a surprise box of confectionaries, chocolates, or something else sweet within 48 hours (you have to be a Prime member to receive the free two-day shipping option, though). To promote the button, the company is employing enough sexy food marketing terms—”handcrafted,” “artisan,” “small-batch”—to make you want to legally wed a cupcake shop in Park Slope.

Photo: Amazon

The surprise of receiving something unknown is the novelty here, if you’ve got enough expendable income to wager $18 on a mystery candy roulette. But what should ideally be satisfying about this concept is that with a press of a button, chocolate would appear on your front steps within minutes. Or how about this: Amazon engineers develop a button with a picture of a bong on it that promises to deliver sausage pizza, a six-pack of Michelob, and a Spongebob Squarepants DVD within 60 minutes. Amazon just might achieve their global domination strategy even quicker that way.

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