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Screenshot: Nathan For You (Comedy Central)

Nathan Fielder decided to end his brilliant Comedy Central series Nathan For You earlier this year, seemingly robbing the world of more genius business ventures like Dumb Starbucks or the clothing store with the awkward room for husbands to hang out in, but after all these years we should know not to underestimate the great ideas of a guy who graduated from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades. As it turns out, Fielder’s ideas are still making waves in the business world, with Amazon happily reporting today that a woman managed to lose 100 pounds in 18 months just by delivering packages for the Amazon Flex service—which happens to be the exact plot of a Nathan For You episode in which he tried to manufacture free labor for a moving company by inventing a workout craze based around lifting heavy objects.

Fielder himself noticed the similarities:


Nathan For You connection aside, this truly is some horrifying capitalist bullshit. The thing about Nathan For You is that it exposed the greed and desperation of business owners by showing how far they’d be willing to go to make a profit, as the dark secret of the show is that Fielder actually cares about people and doesn’t want to see them get scammed. Living in a country where his ideas are actually being promoted by a massive company is simply too chilling to handle.

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