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Amazon grants Upload a second shot at life

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For a show that’s ostensibly a comedy, Greg Daniels’ new Amazon series Upload ended its first season on a decidedly dark note, full of deaths, separations, and the horrific specter of a limited data plan. (And when you’re using “data” to keep your consciousness going in a virtual reality after death, that’s actually scarier than it sounds.) Luckily, the streaming provider isn’t leaving fans of the show in the digital lurch with that shockingly nasty cliffhanger, announcing today that Upload will be back for a second season.


For the unfamiliar: The series takes place in a recognizably shitty version of the near future, one in which uploading—i.e., virtually recreating a dying person’s mind so they can live out eternity in a digital paradise that is still, somehow, dictated by the values of capitalist society—has become ubiquitous. Robbie Amell stars as a guy adjusting to his second shot at “life” after a car accident, while Andy Allo is the customer service “angel” he ends up falling for. The show balances pitch-black satire with some lighter romantic comedy elements—not always to great effect, although Daniels’ instincts as a satirist are still razor sharp. The series debuted its first season last week, on May 1.

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