Early renewals are all the rage these days, with shows like Documentary Now! securing second seasons before they’ve even premiered. And with a great dramedy like Transparent on its hands, Amazon’s not wasting any time to do the increasingly-less usual renewal soul-searching. The studio arm of the retail giant has just renewed the show for a fourth season ahead of its third season premiere, which is scheduled for later this year. Joe Lewis, Amazon Studios’ head of comedy, touted the series’ place among the other peak TV offerings: “As the quality of television rises to new heights, Transparent continues to stand out for its depth of character, compassionate storytelling and its infinite creative risk-taking.”

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first that that Amazon’s shown just how eager it is to stick with the Pfeffermans; the production component renewed the series for a third season well in advance of its season two premiere in December 2015. Creator Jill Soloway, who will stay on as showrunner, thanked Amazon for the additional opportunities to examine the foibles of the Pfefferman family, as well as follow Maura’s transition.

“It’s so much more than TV to us, it’s our version of the most ambitious streaming art we can conjure. We’re having the time of our lives sharing season two for the awards season hoopla, and editing and finishing up season three for a fall release. This news of an order for season four is so so sweet. The Pfeffermans have many more stories to tell and we can’t wait to keep making them.”


[via Variety]