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Amazon gives Goliath another season and showrunner


According to Deadline, Amazon is recommitting to its legal drama Goliath, which it’s blessed with a second season and a new showrunner. The series is welcoming Clyde Phillips to the team for season two; the former Dexter showrunner will handle the day-to-day operations, which may or may not include sending Billy Bob Thornton’s lawyer character off to the Pacific Northwest in a lumberjack disguise when one of his cases goes bad. (We kid, but would you believe that’s how one of his other shows wrapped?)

Apparently, there was a “difference in opinion on its creative direction going forward and personality issues on the show,” that led to Phillips’ involvement. But show creators David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro will stay on as executive producers, along with Ross Fineman. There‘s no word on where season two will go, or when it will premiere. But Thornton did pick up a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV drama this year, joining Gael García Bernal as Amazon’s awards ceremony ringers.


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