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Mad Dogs

In a fun example of history repeating itself, a dark comedy/drama executive produced by The Shield’s Shawn Ryan with a canine-centric name has been canceled after one season. The first one was Terriers, and its death was mourned all across the land. This time, it’s Mad Dogs, the Amazon adaptation of a British series about four older guys who get caught up in a murder mystery while vacationing in Belize.

According to Deadline, Mad Dogs was originally pitched as a single-season show, but as respectable reviews came in and viewership seemed good, the streaming service began discussing the potential of a second season with Ryan and series creator Cris Cole. Apparently, the two of them pitched their ideas for a second season to Amazon last week, but when Amazon passed on them, everyone involved decided to simply follow the original plan and wrap it up.


Ryan got into all of this with a Patton Oswalt-like twitter marathon that lays out what happened to Mad Dogs. It starts here if you want to read the whole thing, but Deadline formatted it into an easier-to-follow essay at the link above.

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