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Amazon cancels Sneaky Pete

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In a trick that it probably picked up from Prime users who cancel just after the holidays, Amazon is continuing its trend of killing off shows right after they air new seasons. In May, the super-retailer/streaming service canceled The Tick shortly after the premiere of its second season, and now Variety says that it has also canceled crime drama Sneaky Pete just about a month after the premiere of its third season back in May. Of course, Amazon won’t be getting emails from Sneaky Pete saying “are you sure you want to cancel?” and it probably won’t renew the show once the holidays roll around again, so it’s not exactly like a Prime subscriber, but it’s still close.


The series, which was co-created by Bryan Cranston and starred Giovanni Ribisi, was about a con man who steals the identity of his prison cellmate (Pete) and joins up with Pete’s family’s bail bonds business. In addition to Ribisi, it prominently featured beloved character actress Margo Martindale.

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