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According to Variety, Amazon and the BBC are moving forward with a two-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s mystery novel The Pale Horse, with Leonora Lonsdale directing and award-winning Christie adaptor Sarah Phelps (And Then There Were None) writing. The Pale Horse is one of Christie’s later books, having originally been published in 1961 in the UK, and it concerns a man discovering a list of names on a dead body, with some of the names belonging to people who have recently died under mysterious circumstances. The list eventually leads him to an inn called—get this—The Pale Horse, where three supposed witches work to arrange the deaths of wealthy people… or at least that’s how it appears. This is Agatha Christie, not Stephen King, so there may be something else afoot.


In a statement, Phelps said that The Pale Horse is a “shivery, paranoid story about superstition, love gone wrong, guilt, and grief,” adding that it’s also about “what we’re capable of when we’re desperate and what we believe when all the lights go out and we’re alone in the dark.” Spooky stuff! No casting details or a premiere date were announced.

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