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Amazing stop motion music video honors John Carpenter, Robocop, and more

A loving tribute to VHS and ’80s aesthetics, the music video for Gunship’s “Tech Noir” is a stop-motion tale of a post-apocalyptic world where the video cassette reigns supreme. Opening with a narration by John Carpenter, the video was directed by Lee Hardcastle who gets to throw in his very best gruesome effects once the violence gets going.

Set to a catchy song, the video also includes appearances by Robocop, Jason Voorhees, Rocky Balboa, the xenomorph from Alien, and more. It’s both a look into a grim future and a pleasant trip to the nostalgic past. More than anything, though, the impressive work done by Hardcastle finally shows off just how badass a finishing move the Care Bear Stare can be.

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