As the tale of a man and his foulmouthed teddy bear is nothing without a woman’s touch, Seth MacFarlane has cast his A Million Ways To Die In The West star and human Blythe doll in his talking toy sequel Ted 2. Naturally, some may be questioning what this means for the integrity of a film where a teddy bear does blow with Flash Gordon—and specifically what it means for Mila Kunis’ character, whose rocky romance with Mark Wahlberg provided Ted’s non-Flash Gordon-related plot line.

According to Deadline, Kunis will only appear in a small role, if at all, in the sequel, though it says this has nothing to do with Kunis, or with Seyfried replacing her in MacFarlane’s affections. Instead it has to do with the film’s plot, which is now the story of a French peasant-bear whose theft of a loaf of bread takes place against the backdrop of revolution, with Seyfried playing the illegitimate daughter of a prostitute. Or wait—that was Les Misérables, a film we will now have to take extra pains to distinguish from Ted 2.