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Amanda Seyfried and Ed Helms to co-star in comedy about a professional clapper

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According to Deadline, Ed Helms and Amanda Seyfried will star in a new comedy called The Clapper, about a professional clapper, which is apparently a real job. Writer-director Dito Montiel (Boulevard and A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints) is adapting the screenplay from his own book, Eddie Krumble Is The Clapper, and the film will reportedly have shades of the Robert De Niro-starring black comedy-drama from Martin Scorsese, The King Of Comedy.

Helms will star as Eddie Krumble, the titular clapper who lands his first Hollywood gig as a paid audience member for infomercials. But after a late-night talk show host invites him on his TV show, the clapper becomes the star. Eddie gets his moment in the spotlight, but it costs him his cushy clapping job and compromises his relationship with a girl named Judy (Seyfried) who works at a gas station. Eddie’s life is upended by all the attention, and he fears he may never clap again—but what doesn’t kill you makes you clapper.


We assume Helms, who recently wrapped Bastards with Owen Wilson, has been diligently readying his hands for the role, clapping relentlessly into the night. He’s also been keeping up his television work, which includes starring in the Starz series, One Percent, from Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Seyfried, who’s set to star opposite Charlize Theron in Nash Edgerton’s upcoming American Express, previously appeared onscreen with Helms in the 2015 holiday film, Love The Coopers.

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