In a surprisingly rational move on her part, Amanda Palmer has suggested that Morrissey use Kickstarter to fund his next record. Said record hasn’t found a label yet—definitely not because Morrissey is a control freak who's impossible to work with—so, in an open letter published by Salon, Palmer urged the ex-Smith go the crowdfunding route. She also encouraged him to get on Twitter.

In the letter, Palmer surmised that if 500,000 people pre-bought Morrissey’s new record for $5 measly dollars (which would never happen, because Morrissey wouldn’t let himself be devalued like that), the crooner would make a cool $2.5 million. Palmer also pointed out that Moz would own all the material and could choose whether or not to tour, something that might be important to him given his recent health troubles.


Always willing to lend a helping hand, Palmer offered her own Kickstarter-launching services to Morrissey, saying she loves him and as his “devoted songwriting spawn,” she hopes he gets what he wants.