Having unsuccessfully assayed alternative careers as a relationship counselor and video game critic, Amanda Bynes has returned to the field of acting, a vocation which she had reportedly pursued with some determination and a modicum of success for at least 10 years or so until her swift and sudden retirement in June. At the time, Bynes lamented the fact that every film she’s ever been involved with has forced her to speak the words that others write for her and imbue them with emotions suggested by directors and producers—cruel Torvalds who stop just short of demanding she dance the Tarentella in exchange for her keep. There’s no word yet on what coping strategies Bynes plans to employ now, or whether her announcement that she’s “unretired” signifies a bold awakening for a creative spirit that will no longer be broken by those unyielding masters known as “scripts,” but what we do know is that Bynes has a new movie she thinks you should check out. (Oh, the temerity contained within that brave smiley face…)