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Alvin And The Chipmunks studio reboots the idea of doing a Fraggle Rock reboot

Illustration for article titled emAlvin And The Chipmunks/em studio reboots the idea of doing a emFraggle Rock/em reboot

The nostalgia revival for the mid-’00s nostalgia revival of 1980s pop culture has officially begun, with New Regency picking up Fraggle Rock, a feature film based on the cult ‘80s children series that was first imagined as a reboot in 2006. “Like so many of a certain generation, we were big fans of the mid-’00s revival of 1980s things,” a New Regency spokesperson did not say, but should have. “And we look forward to sharing this nostalgic revival of the golden era of nostalgic revivals with a whole new generation, one that was perhaps a few years too young to be a part of the original ‘whole new generation’ that got to re-experience the 1980s the last time around.” The studio’s reboot of the idea of rebooting Fraggle Rock will update the original plans to mount a live-action musical version of the show, one that was to be written by Ahmet Zappa and, like the original, involve actual puppets. New Regency will instead commission a new script and is considering making it a live-action/CGI hybrid similar to its Alvin And The Chipmunks franchise, a forward-thinking formula that pushed ’80s remakes into the future, where they could exist isolated in time, and at least two degrees removed from any connection to any genuine feelings that might have been generated by their original properties.


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