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Alton Brown is making a Good Eats sequel for the internet

Good Eats

In this day and age, everything gets a sequel. But in some very good sequel news, Alton Brown says he’s making a follow-up series to his long-running Food Network show Good Eats. The announcement was first hinted at a couple weeks ago, when Brown posted a mysterious video on Instagram saying that he would be taking a break from his competition show Cutthroat Kitchen to focus on a new “internet project” that he teased vaguely as “a cooking show.” Brown then clarified the announcement in one of his Facebook live chats, saying “yes, the internet project that I will be releasing next year is essentially a sequel follow-up to a program called Good Eats that I made for about 14 years on Food Network.” It won’t be called Good Eats, though; in fact, he was quite literal when he said he’s calling it “a cooking show” in the first video.

The web series model will allow Brown more creative freedom, which he emphasized in the second video. He’d rather be in control of his own kitchen instead of having to fit a network’s vision and model. He’ll be able to bring the same deep-diving, science-driven approach to cooking and food that made Good Eats great, but on his own terms. And Brown wasted no time in getting audience input, using the livestream as an opportunity to hear what people want to see from his new venture and jotting down notes on a clipboard like the nerdy dad he is.


There are some true gems in the video, which clocks in at over an hour long. Brown says we’re too focused on “cow flesh” when it comes to steaks, and proceeds to discuss “steak as a concept.” He also promises some gluten-free cooking on the new show, even though he’s hesitant to venture into that world. During the video, he drank soda water and bitters, “which is like my thing on the weekends,” he explained. Hopefully his new internet show will be as fun as its announcement.

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