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Alternate death scene to The Walking Dead premiere leaks online

Eventually, they're all going to get it (Photo: AMC)

[If you hadn’t guessed yet, there are spoilers for The Walking Dead season seven (and the comics) below.]

After a six-month wait, The Walking Dead finally learned the identity (that is, identities) of Negan’s victim. The Sanctuary leader made quite the impression on the Alexandria group—he made Daryl lose his cool, reduced Rick Grimes to a whimpering mess, and oh yeah, smashed in Glenn and Abraham’s heads. Now, the latter had been up on the chopping block/stationary tee for about two years, according to comic and show creator Robert Kirkman. But there was that feint in season six that suggested Glenn was in the clear. And it’s not like this is Game Of Thrones, where major characters can go in the blink of an eye/wildfire explosion, so it was all shocking (your mileage may vary, depending on how well you tolerate semiannual updates).


In keeping with the show’s aversion to spoilers, the Lucille meat-and-greet scene was filmed with every basically every one of the main cast members, including Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene. The video of that alternate scene leaked before the premiere, and is similarly painful to watch.

Negan’s dialogue in the Maggie scene syncs up with his last words to Abraham, who had some choice words for the new villain in his final moments. Maggie defiantly spits blood at Negan instead of profanities, but his reaction is virtually the same. And it still sucks to be Glenn.

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