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Alt-rock darlings Veruca Salt to reunite, resume fight against the Seether

Alt-rock band Veruca Salt has reunited. The '90s darlings tweeted that they will be recording new songs in the near future with Brad Wood, who produced the band’s 1994 hit record, American Thighs. Wood’s fingerprints were all over a number of other seminal '90s LPs, like Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyville and Whip-Smart, Ben Lee’s Grandpa Would, Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary, and Seam’s The Problem With Me.

According to another tweet from Veruca Salt’s page, Nina Gordon and Louise Post have been “writing/rehearsing like mad,” and both bassist Steve Lack and drummer Jim Shapiro are in for the upcoming recording session. Some sort of release will follow, while the band also has plans to play at least a few live dates.


The band's last record, IV, came out in 2006.

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