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Also, Ryan Hansen and Krysten Ritter will be in the Veronica Mars movie

Having established through the addition of Chris Lowell—in what is known informally as “The Piz Mark”—that pretty much any and all Veronica Mars characters who didn’t die on the show will return for the movie, here is yet more confirmation of that. First, Krysten Ritter tweeted out over the weekend that she would be reprising her role as awkward transfer student Gia Goodman, promising her return would be “very juicy,” despite her part in the series being anything but. However, Ritter’s star has obviously risen since, and—as we saw with the addition of Christine Lakin—there is no Veronica Mars player so peripheral that they can’t be included in her 10-year reunion, dutifully filing by Veronica’s table to reminisce about old times and share what they’re up to now, just like real high-school reunions. (“So… are you still being stalked by janitors, or…?” Veronica will ask, probably.) On a similar, if far more expected note, Ryan Hansen confirmed he will be back as Gia’s erstwhile fling, the aptly named Dick Casablancas, via a YouTube video that henceforth makes all other casting announcements look like boring pieces of shit. Take notes, Terrence Malick.  [via Deadline]

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