(Photo: Getty Images, Frazer Harrison)

Indicative of the newer, more refined Brett Ratner who’s been entrusted with American film’s most illustrious night, Ratner has offered a heartfelt apology to actor Greg Gunberg—whose son is epileptic—for a joke in Tower Heist where Eddie Murphy refers to Ben Stiller as a “little seizure boy.” After hearing the line in the recently released trailer, Grunberg tweeted, “Making fun @ people w/ seizures is NOT FUNNY & WRONG! 'Seizure Boy!' REALLY? #Boycott.” Suggesting he has at least a passing familiarity with humility, Ratner responded, “I am so sorry you are offended … I sincerely feel bad,” and pledged to have Universal remove the scene from the preview—much as it was forced to do with The Dilemma’s infamous “electric cars are gay” salvo last year, suggesting that the Universal marketing department might be in for one of those mandatory sensitivity training seminars soon. Still, while the offending joke will remain in the film itself, Grunberg is mollified for now, tweeting, “THANKS @BrettRatner for ur SINCERE APOLOGY to the Epilepsy Community! I'm lifting my personal boycott of ur hilarious film.” So anyone else who feels they’re owed an apology from Brett Ratner, maybe try hitting him up on Twitter.