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In perhaps the greatest musical discovery since someone figured out that the lyrics for the verses of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” could all be replaced with “Julio Iglesias” (try it yourself), a Manchester-born, Vancouver-based photographer and filmmaker named Dan Barham has realized that the melody of Ramin Djawadi’s indelible Game of Thrones theme perfectly matches the cadence of the name of one of the show’s actors, specifically Peter Dinklage. And luckily for us, he has created a simple yet mesmerizing bit of animation that perfectly showcases this revelation. It is, as you will see, nothing but a figurine of a grimacing, ax-wielding Tyrion Lannister revolving eternally on its base as Barham sings the words “Peter Dinklage” repeatedly over the familiar instrumental. And, really, that’s all there is to this. No great insight into the show. No spoilers for upcoming episodes. Just a crude but endearing joke which will get lodged in your head and perhaps distract you from thinking about all that rape.

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