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Allow Will Smith to give you a tour of the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air house

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In preparation for The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’s reunion special, Airbnb is letting people rent the show’s mansion set. As the star of the show, Will Smith seems to be taking the listing very seriously, now giving potential renters assurance that the giant house hasn’t fallen into disrepair over the decades by filming a tour of the joint alongside collaborator and fellow Fresh Prince alum DJ Jazzy Jeff.

In a video titled, in proper YouTuber fashion, “I Put The Fresh Prince Mansion On Airbnb (HOUSE TOUR),” Smith surveys his former kingdom, room by room. Jazzy Jeff takes a quick scan of the entryway before coming in, presumably to be sure he’s not about to break a collar bone on the front steps to the sound of canned laughter yet again. Once the pair are inside, they seem pretty impressed with the updated decor, pointing out different aspects of the set-up, talking about nostalgia, and playing around with Instagram filters.


The mansion, despite looking immediately familiar from certain angles, has been now decked out in Fresh Prince memorabilia and rearranged to make Will’s pool house set into a bedroom. There are closets filled with throwback clothes and sneakers, a record player surrounded by old releases from Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, and framed promo photos. Later, other original cast members arrive. When asked if the place “[comes] with a butler,” Joseph Marcel says, “I’m available,” which makes us worried about his career trajectory. All the same, it’s nice to see the bunch of them back together, their smiling faces providing a temporary distraction from the fact that not even a Fresh Prince reunion will restore our fading youth.

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