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Allow Uwe Boll to introduce you to Blubberella, the "first female fat superhero"

Uwe Boll detests filmmaking conventions, like believable characters, comprehensible storylines, and not forcing Darfur rape victims to reenact their rapes on camera. Compared to those, challenging the unspoken edict that superheroes should be physically fit is nothing that the cross-armed, spiteful homunculus inside Uwe Boll’s brain can’t handle. Hence we have Blubberella, which promises to do for superhero films what Mike And Molly did for sitcoms, and use the auspice of breaking down barriers as an excuse for never-ending fat jokes, as encapsulated in Boll’s official description:

The first female fat superhero …
She will kick major ass - with her major ass …

Also, Boll avers, “All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!” Indeed, anyone who loved Kristanna Loken’s scantily clad half-breed vampire warrior will surely embrace Lindsay Hollister as an overweight lady superhero stuffed into a comically small corset. Although, anyone who genuinely considers themselves a fan of any of Uwe Boll’s work will probably love this movie, as appreciation of Boll’s work is rarely without some tinge of irony or drugs. Anyway, here’s the poster, which sort of negates having to watch it, no?

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