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Allow the 2009 New Zealand Mascot Race scandal to delight and confuse you

Screenshot: YouTube

Perhaps you need a little break from the impeachment hearings. You want to watch something gripping and funny, but not all that demanding of you. Something roughly 11 minutes long, featuring mascots running a race, with plenty of masturbation jokes. If that’s the case, then this is an incredible coincidence.

Harold the Giraffe looks pretty haunted there, no? This video comes courtesy of New Zealand Today, a series from comedian and “volunteer journalist” Guy Williams, which sees him traveling the country to “report” on the stories he finds (think field segments on The Daily Show). In the above, he attempts to uncover the truth behind the 2009 Mascot Dash For Ca$h scandal. It’s a delight.


If you’re into that one, here’s another, about a business called the Mt. Albert BBQ Noodle House, which sits next door to another, separately-owned restaurant, also called the Mt. Albert BBQ Noodle House.

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