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Allow Liv Tyler to explain the magic of landlines, tiny pianos, and lucky crystals with this tour of her home

Screenshot: Architectural Digest (YouTube)

One of Liv Tyler’s best known roles is her turn as Arwen, an elf woman who appears in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy mostly bathed in hazy light and speaking in soft tones just above a whisper. In these movies, Tyler appears otherworldly—halfway ethereal as she drifts through scenes. She plays Arwen as an appropriately alien character, which you could chalk up to skilled acting or, by watching Tyler give a tour of her house, understand is basically just how she is all the time.

As part of a home profile by Architectural Digest, Tyler features in a video that sees her guiding cameras through her disgustingly nice four-story Manhattan townhouse. To best understand why this is noteworthy, please take a moment to see a highlight reel of the tour shared by Twitter’s @poopykarly.


Tyler, seeming to drift an inch or two above the ground the entire time, peppers a walk through her home’s architectural features with color commentary regarding various items she enjoys. She smiles constantly, whether showing off a tiny piano her children use, talking about a good luck crystal she likes, grappling with stuck sliding doors, or extolling the virtue of landlines (especially in the case of a phone shaped like a pair of lips).

Writer Maggie Serota nails the video’s overall vibe (and Tyler’s scrunch-nosed grins) by comparing the whole thing to one of Parker Posey’s excitable turns in Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries.


Given that this is Liv Tyler narrating the tour, the tone of the entire thing is as calming as it is strange. She may not actually be an elf, but we wouldn’t blame anyone for being convinced otherwise by her description of the care that goes into cleaning the prop sword in her attic.

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