Last month, erstwhile '90s R&B staple Brian McKnight made a partly spiteful, wholly spit-take-inducing bid for renewed relevancy by previewing a song from a proposed "adult mix-tape" informally titled "Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works." Like the best sex jams, it was both infectious and informative, centered around the couplet, "Let me show you how your pussy works / Betcha didn't know that it could squirt"—which, thank you, aging R&B star Brian McKnight, that is very generous of you to devote your time and intimate understanding of female physiology like that. And even if decades of Internet usage have likely raised general awareness of the vagina's capacity for squirting, rarely has that scientific fact been relayed with such buttery, soulful smoothness, even though that also sounds kind of nasty.

Anyway, as with so many among the sexually adventurous, McKnight has plunged as deep as he can into the murky mysteries of the vagina, and today he's ready to move on to butt stuff. And so the latest song in one of the strangest comeback-huh-huh attempts in recent memory—a tune which McKnight says was a command performance requested by huge "Pussy" (and pussy) supporters YouPorn, where democracy thrives while sticking disconcerting things inside itself—offers an equally penetrating look at anal sex, with McKnight's usual winking eye for detail.


Not that we're able to see too much in there, as the TMZ-hosted clip below is regrettably censored—though the site did dig deep enough to highlight the line "You wanna see some fucking anal, I can get you close enough to smell," which we're pretty sure is a Yeats quote. "Yeah, that's my jam!" someone will say, which is also funny because it's about jamming stuff in your ass. And yes, R&B is officially just single entendres now.