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Allison Janney says she’s down for a West Wing reboot, though she says it would need to be done with a whole new cast. In an interview with Variety, Janney—who played C.J. Cregg on the original Aaron Sorkin production—said that “it would be just a great time for West Wing now, for whoever is disillusioned by what’s going on today,” continuing, “Those are the people you want working in Washington: People whose hearts are in the right place, people who reach across the aisle, people who want to do the right thing.”

While it seems like the Mom star would be open to appearing on West Wing ’17 in a new, “elsewhere in the White House” role, she says the show would benefit from a new, younger cast, because she thinks the show “should be filled with young, idealistic, visionary people,” almost none of whom will know what “The Jackal” is.

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