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Illustration for article titled All Universals emScarface/em remake has in this world are its balls and the emDonnie Brasco/em writer

Having misplaced its copy of Friday, apparently, Universal is still insisting that we rewatch Scarface—the classic tale of crime, corruption, and catchphrases that make for good ringtones—instead of just listening to music or, I don't know, talking. To that end, it's hired another writer to draft yet another take on the story told previously in Howard Hawks' 1932 film, Brian De Palma's 1983 version, and scores of mangled analogies by hip-hop stars, bringing in Paul Attanasio to rewrite the previous draft from Training Day's David Ayer. Attanasio has some experience with crime, corruption, and Al Pacino movies, having written both Donnie Brasco and Quiz Show, and before that worked as a film critic, a profession that's merely a front for heavy drug trafficking.


There's still no indication yet as to who this modern-day Scarface will be, which immigrant nationality du jour he'll represent (though "not French" seems like a safe bet), or what enterprise he'll involve himself in before inevitably falling prey to his own hubris and doing the sort of violent things that will make people want to plaster his face across a hoodie. Presumably, Attanasio first has to take Ayer's script and Find/Replace all the corrupt cops and cartels out of there.

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