Having successfully changed the world of comedy, found the drama in cancer, and even dabbled in horror as a blind, devil-fighting DJ, there are clearly no limits to the masks that 50 Cent may wear in pursuit of his theatrical ambition, particularly if that mask is a fixed, inscrutable grimace. So congratulations are in order for the producers of forthcoming Bones spinoff The Finder—which is about a guy who finds things, as that’s where we are right now—who convinced 50 Cent to make an “extremely rare TV detour,” in TVLine’s probably not sarcastic words, guest-starring in an upcoming episode of the show. 50 Cent will summon all that he has learned in his tireless study of the human condition to play a “successful, intimidating hip-hop mogul” who will “stop at nothing” to recover the lost recordings of a deceased rapper before they’re leaked. This could including pointing at people and shouting, and also maybe just staring at them while he breathes heavily and subtly flexes his biceps, depending on what the Muses whisper in his ear that day.