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Anthology series, once a clever strategy to ensure your network nabbed a bunch of Emmy nominations, are now a full-fledged trend. And NBC, as part of its apparent “aw hell, why not” programming strategy, has picked up a prestige anthology series that will definitely land NBC an invite to FX’s end-of-summer pool party this weekend.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that NBC has emerged victorious in the bidding war for Manhunt, an upcoming drama series from Ender’s Game director Gavin Hood. Each season of Manhunt will be set in a different international city and follow police as they search for a fugitive, escalating from routine patrols to a full-on police state in the process. NBC has given the project a 10-episode order—a practice that makes it look more desirable next to competitors like Netflix and HBO, but doesn’t necessarily mean anything in terms of longevity.


Dustin Hoffman and Casey Affleck were reportedly in talks to star back when Manhunt still had premium cable potential, but THR says NBC “is not negotiating with anyone to star at this time.” NBC reportedly also just got a really cool 3-D TV if anyone wants to come over after upfronts, and its mom will make pizza puffs.

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