The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Conan O'Brien has signed a deal that will seal his exit from NBC and (for now) the late-night talk show host game. That story's behind a subscriber-only wall, but MSNBC has the details, drawing from the Journal piece. So, pardon the report on the report on the report, but here's what we know of the deal now, which will probably be officially announced later today: O'Brien will walk away with $32 million. His staff, reportedly the final sticking point of the negotiations, will be given a total of $12 million. There is also apparently a non-disparagement clause included in the agreement, although its boundaries remain unclear (and will undoubtedly be pushed to their limit).

Thus, over 16 years and nearly 3000 episodes after he started, O'Brien ends his tenure hosting a talk show on NBC. His next move remains uncertain. Presumably he'll land somewhere that will treat him with more respect.