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All of Trump’s tweets are being redone as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Dukat

Credit: @realRealDukat Twitter

Hot on the heels of Mark Hamill’s delightfully mad readings of Donald Trump’s tweets as the Joker comes a new and equally accurate reframing of the commander in chief’s stream-of-consciousness social media presence. This time, we’re headed for the dark recesses of the Star Trek universe.

A new Twitter account, @realRealDukat (so you know for sure that it’s real) has been rewriting all of Trump’s tweets over the past few weeks as if they were posted by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s primary antagonist, the Cardassian war criminal Gul Dukat. If there are any similarities between Dukat (a ruthless, self-absorbed, authoritarian leader determined to be recognized as being on the right side of history despite all facts to the contrary) and Donald Trump (the other guy), it’s up to the individual reader to decide. But, for a moment at least, it’s fun to imagine these types of things are being written on a space station far away.


Here’s some classic pandering for the Klingon vote.


And just as a reminder to the media: there are five lights.


This trend of villainizing Trump’s words will no doubt continue over the next four years, until the president has been reimagined as every conceivable villain in pop culture history. With that in mind, we passionately await the conception of the Trump-as-Buffalo Bill Twitter campaign.

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